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U.S. Patent no. 8,662,783 B2, U.S. Patent no. 6,908,251 B2. Additional patents pending
With Steel Cap

Howe ball joints offer very low resistance while still fully capturing the ball to maintain alignment. All Howe ball joints are user rebuildable with an unmatched selection of interchangeable studs and housings. The alloy steel ball studs that are process coated for low friction and long wear. Rugged steel housings will withstand impacts that will destroy other ball joints.

Unlike cheap copies, all Howe Ball Joints are made and assembled with pride in the U.S.A..
NEW! +1.0"
Extended length studs longer than .5" from stock
have been added.

NEW! Taper Dimensions

Tapers are listed by the number of inches per foot but there are also differences in the base diameter, the length of the taper and the threads. To combine all of these dimensions we have created a "Fit" code. The "Fit" code lets you cross reference with other Howe ball joints and studs. Any ball joint with a matching fit code will fit the same spindle.
Building Your Own Combination Ball Joint

Use the Fit Code to indentify the studs that will fit your spindle. Make sure the ball size matches your housing size.
All Ball joints come standard with a "0" length stud that is equal to stock length unless stated otherwise. Ball Joints do not come with a boot, if you require a boot they must be purchased separately.
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